Grounds Maintenance & Property Management

Landscapes and hardscapes need continual care to look good all year round. Landscape Solutions of VA offers custom gardening, lawn care and grounds maintenance services to reflect a client’s tastes, needs and budget.

We offer the following property management services: weekly mowing, trimming and blowing; edging; mulching; trimming shrubs; shrub and tree care; annual turf care program; fall leaf removal; and storm clean up.

Mowing, Trimming and Blowing

Our annual maintenance contract include weekly stops where we mow the grass at the appropriate height, trim, and edge any concrete walks, patios, and driveways. After finishing the mowing, trimming and edging, we always make sure to blow off the driveways, walkways and decks.

Shrub and Tree Care

Landscape Solutions overlooks shrub and tree care. We evaluate all plants to determine what nutrients are lacking and create a program to keep the plants healthy and beautiful.

Trimming shrubs is important part of plant care, too. Landscape Solutions of VA trims shrubs the right way, making sure that we do not just use hedge trimmers on or give the same cut to every shrub. We take care of plant thinning as well and prune out any dead growth and long leaders.

Annual Turf Care Program

We have an extensive, 13-step turf care program. Each step is customized to the specific needs of your yard. To determine those needs, we take a soil sample from your yard. After we know the results of your soil sample, we’ll decide what products need to be applied to your turf and when. Then we’ll follow our plan to keep your lawn looking its best.

Fall Leaf Removal

Fall leaf season can be a nightmare for many homeowners. Let Landscape Solutions of VA handle the hassle of fall leaf removal for you. We come and blow the leaves into the designated natural area or remove the leaves, depending on the property. We always make sure to pick up sticks and other trash as well.

What can Landscape Solutions of VA do for you?